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The Quartet

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Pop and Jazz Music| Wedding Music

the Professional Musicians for Your Wedding

Welcome to the page dedicated to pop, dance and jazz music. Here you will find my suggestions for an elegant and dynamic entertainment. Any solution will correspond to a high quality standard, thanks to the professional competence and talent of all musicians engaged.

Jazz Music

Musica Jazz per il Ricevimento

Jazz music during a wedding reception gives a tone of elegance and refinement. It is also the ideal choice for couples who decide to have live music only during the aperitifs and the dinner, and then have a dj for the dancing. We can provide with all types of ensemble, such as a standard quartet (sax, piano, bass and drums), a trio (piano, bass and drums) or a quintet (vocal, sax, piano, bass and drums). All other instruments will be available upon request.

Pop Music

Musica Leggera per il Ricevimento

Our standard ensemble is keyboards and vocal. The duo can become trio by an additional instrument, either a saxophone, a trumpet or percussions. We have availability of any kind of ensemble and instrument. We provide with all the necessary equipment and a high quality sound level for all situations. We can also arrange for two stages at the same event.

The Repertoire

We offer a wide repertoire based on a selection of various styles. This choice allows us to meet the different tastes of our clients. In the situation of no particular requirements, a standard reception can be developed as follows: During the aperitifs, bossa nova, standard jazz and some typical italian songs will give a refined atmosphere of rhythm and elegance. During dinner, soft music will convey a relaxing feeling. During the cutting of the cake, we usually play a piece chosen by the couple. As far as the dancing part of the entertainment, we offer a wide selection of pieces .

Some of the Most Played Songs:

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